American Barbecue Chicken Recipe


                             Tasty BBQ Whole Chicken Cuisine

This cuisine began around the 19th century in the Americas, and will continue to be popular centuries from today. Barbecue Chicken today is synonymous with American culture that we all eat throughout the year for celebratory events and/or treats with family and friends.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Prep time: 5 minutes

  • Marinade time: 4 - 24 hours
  • Cook time: 1 hour 45 minutes (+7 minutes resting)
  • Total time: At least 5 hours 45 minutes 
  • Servings: 6
Hunter's Barbecue Chicken Recipe
  1. Season your poultry well inside and outside the skin using Hunter's "Poultry Seasoning"

  2. Marinade your chicken in the refrigerator from 4 hours to overnight.

  3. Fire your grill and cook your chicken around 350F.

  4. Inject your whole chicken on all sides after 20 minutes of cooking using Hunter's Country Boy.

  5. Once your chicken is 75 percent done, brush your chicken using Hunter's Country Boy sauce applying 2 full coatings.

  6. Once your food reaches 165F, it's done.                                               Allow your chicken to rest for 6-8 minutes at room temperature

  7. Slice, eat and enjoy!   

Hunter's "COUNTRY BOY" Handcrafted Sauce & Marinade

Savory flavors of rich sugarcane molasses and brown sugar, sweet light blends of tangy citrus flavors, with a slightly sharp cider vinegar bite as a delightful finish. This savory creation gives notes of light wood smoke with a hint of sweet aromatic spice.


Hunter's "POULTRY SEASONING" Handcrafted Seasoning & Dry Rub

Flavorful warm intonations of sweet brown sugar, light zest of appetizing lemon pepper and savory finish of sweet smoked paprika.  This opulent aroma is reminiscent of a heavenly sweet meeting a flavorful smoky pairing.